Smart Multifunction Analyzer SMA17.1

Smart Multifunction  AnalyzerSMA17.1

The performance characteristics

1, large display, high-performance touch screen;
2, ultra-fast out of the results, two-step operation, you can complete the reading, calculation, direct map;
3, data cloud storage, intelligent, WIFI networking, data cloud storage;
4, APP control equipment, mobile phone installation, Bluetooth remote control within 100 meters, remote operation;
5, with Andrews Tablet PC, do not need an external computer, saving laboratory space;
6, high sensitivity, wide range of dynamics, a wide range of measurement;
7, excellent background noise;
8, absorbance and chemiluminescence, automatic switching;
9, automatically generate the curve;
10, set the reading position;
11, a variety of linear fitting (linear, polynomial, exponential function, power function, semi-logarithm, etc.).