Smart Electric Heated CO2 Constant Temperature Incubator SCI17.1

Smart Electric Heated CO2 Constant Temperature IncubatorSCI17.1

The performance characteristics

1. Temperature control: microcomputer PID control;
2. Temperature / CO2 concentration display method: the number of display (accuracy 0.1, the internal operation accuracy of 0.01);
3. Temperature range: above ambient temperature +5 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ (ambient temperature 5 ℃ ~ 35 ℃);
4.CO2 control: microcomputer PID control;
5. Box cycle: breeze mixing;
6.CO2 range: 0 ~ 20%;
7. Humidification method: wetting plate natural evaporation type;
8. Alarm system: abnormal alarm when the temperature, abnormal CO2 concentration alarm, the door is not off the alarm;
9. Automatic internal disinfection function;
10. Cylinder automatic conversion device: 2 bottles of CO2 gas, 1 bottle of spare;
11. Temperature data and CO2 concentration data are automatically recorded and stored, and cloud storage can be realized;
12. Intelligent APP, can be set wireless parameters;
13.APP automatically generates temperature curves and CO2 concentration curves.